Refurbished Computers

Computers for Low Income Community Members, Public and Private Schools and Non-Profits

A great price that supports our efforts to provide computers to low income NH kids, seniors and families, Non-Profits, Social Service Providers, Schools, Seniors.

Our refurbished systems come with a one year warranty on desktops computers and a six month warranty on Laptop. We have lots of Computer Parts and Refurbished LCD Monitors.

Our refurbished PCs come installed with genuine Microsoft software, giving you the confidence of having a system that helps you:

Keep your computer running smoothly, because genuine Microsoft software gives you access to downloads, updates, and enhanced features.

Avoid downtime and lost data that can occur when counterfeit software malfunctions.

Protect your systems from the dangers of counterfeit software that can expose users to security risks, including viruses and spyware.

Be in compliance with authentic and properly licensed Microsoft Windows® software.

*If you live in New England and are income limited(on state assistance); Handicapped/Disable or over the age of 62 and do not have a home computer you may be eligible for substantial reduction in costs please call for information - documentation required. Systems ranging in cost starting at $85.

Laptops - Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Acer and more. Laptops are in great demand and usually require placing your application on a waiting list.

We do not recommend laptops for children under the age of 15.

Laptops range in price from $150 and up depending on how much we have had to invest in repair and parts.

Systems come with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. If you are eligible you may also be able to request Microsoft Office.

Public or Private Schools, small social service or charity? Call today and save on volume lots from 10 to 100 computers. Ask for the Computers for School Program or the Computers for charitable organizations.

* Basic system provides for Tower (CPU), Keyboard, Mouse and LCD Monitor - you may upgrade to a larger flat screen for an additional cost.

Computers are now considered integral to our daily lives. They can teach us how to read, they can teach math and science, and they can connect us to a world of experiences that were not available to us just twenty years ago.

This brief snapshot of the benefits of our program services reflects the advantages of computer technology on our lives.

• If you have only limited access to a full featured computer while young, you face many years in adulthood trying to catch up.

• If you’re a low income household and you have limited access to the use of a computer you face significant challenges and disadvantages in the workplace, from securing job to job advancement.

• Seniors who don’t have or know how to use a computer, would benefit by maintaining or improving cognitively by using a computer and would also be more connected to the community and family. By staying in touch with family members and feeling more connected to the world, research shows seniors have shown improved mental health, less depression and isolation.

• Newly settled immigrants to the United States could learn about our customs and language more quickly with access to a computer while also connecting users to others of similar ethnicity, opening the doors to a support system beyond the usual social service organizations.