Data Destruction - Skeletons on your hard drive

When you give your old computer away you may think you are doing a good thing but please make sure you understand what you are giving up - you may think you have deleted everything but in fact unless you have used sophisticated hard drive erasure software all of your personal information - bank accounts, social security information, passwords and much more can live on - even if you have 'formatted' the hard drive it is quite simple to undue a typical drive format. You must also meet very specific qualifications regarding transfer of a MS Windows operating system to someone which could, if done incorrectly, put you in violation of the Microsoft license you accepted when you purchased your computer.

We at CTAC take your personal information seriously - when you donate your computer to CTAC we lock it down until we can securely erase the drive using government approved erasing methods: Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB, FACTA, HIPAA. We then send you a written confirmation of data destruction.